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Clash Of Clans – ALL TROOPS IN THE GAME Vs. TH11!! | Noahs Ark Attack! | (Troll Attack vs. TH11)

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  1. i cant belive he hits 1million subs for just playing mobile games

  2. @war_clan18_ حساب حروب كلاش اوف كلانس حياكم مسح هجمات نار

  3. This channel is going to die with just Clash of Clans videos. I think Clash's days of glory are gone.

  4. When will he understand that no one wants to watch clash of clans… This channel is gonna die lol

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  6. anyone else hear him in the first attack he said "how am I supposed to attack this nigga" lmao

  7. Hy
    can u connect me please on fb
    Stefan Sapatoru

  8. I've done this before it's suprisingly fun and hard am I right?!?

  9. Lol he sucks at attacking

  10. Cool

  11. i feel bad for you godson u are not getting views on your channel u have 1.6m subs where are they…

  12. This channel is dying lol

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  14. shut up clinton you incoherent buttmunch

  15. In my opinion I do not want think u should put so much work in annotations and pictures on the screen. I would rather quantity over quality

  16. I love u godson

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  20. Godson your videos have high contrast is that intentional ?

  21. Ay thats me

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  23. godson is racist

  24. do a all dragon attack no baby dragons the regular stronger adult dragons

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  28. Hello godson it awesome.

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  30. i love youre videos and everything but clash of clans is almost fully dead

  31. I put mad respek in the sick edits #SpiceItUp

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