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Clash of Clans – ALL WITCH ATTACKS! Insane 20 Witch Attacks in Masters League!

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  1. #RSOTD
    In-game name- Irvin
    Clan Name- Grown 2 War
    Clan tag- #29pyu98v
    Question- why did you start playing this game? and what's your favorite war attack?

  2. Will you do like all hog or golems?

  3. RSOTD-
    In game name-FarSuperior
    Clan name-Fatal Force
    Question-what is ur favorite part of clash of clans and why?

  4. #RSOTD
    Clan tag:#QYPOQCRQ
    In game name: Pinhead Larry
    Question:Are there any other games you play other than COC and CR

  5. and join my clan

  6. kirito soto
    black Ops

  7. #RSOTD
    Clan name: #BWO
    Clan: Q8QOGJUY
    In game name: Nolan Rap
    Question: Do you ever think they'll add a townhall 12 and what's your overall favorite troop?

  8. Great video duke!!

    ~Lil Dicky

  9. Great video keep em coming!???