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Clash of Clans – All Witches and Skeleton Spell Attack – Having 200+ Skeletons is Strong!

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  1. suh dude

  2. Nice video, "aBodizeR – Clash Royale, Clash of Clans & Mobile Gaming Gameplays and Commentaries"!

  3. Nice vid

  4. ABODIZER do clash royale troops vs clash of clans troop battle pls!

  5. nice video man keep it up you're almost there ?

  6. What is your nationality and Ramadan Mubarak :)

  7. First time I have seen this spell in action! I want it so bad now.

  8. that cc drag ruined your 3star

  9. nice. At least got 2 stars :D

  10. abodizer? do u feel like doing clash of clans videos?.whenever i do them they dont get any good views..probably people dont play it or our subs r of royale only..what u say?

  11. what's your clans name

  12. hi