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Clash of Clans AMA / Q&A – From XMOD BANS to MOVIES I answer it ALL!

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  1. I didn't get banned yet but I quit playing anyways. What's the alternative, 2-star th10's with my 30/30 th10? Been there, done that, for a year. Way too boring. Plan for 5 minutes or for 5 hours with 30/30 and you get 2 stars either way vs. solid designs. Idk, just way too many mistakes by SC, can't believe they haven't balanced th10 yet. Glad to put coc in my rear view mirror

  2. (:

  3. wow you said that youre going to answer twitter questions but oh yeah nevermind

  4. Finally a video about clash of clans !!! Clash royale is disgusting.

  5. Ash someone uploaded one of your videos to their YouTube channel. The video he uploaded was "QUEEN WALK FORMULA with Expert Hundo – Best Strategy for Th11 to 3 Star Th10 CONSISTENTLY"

  6. I've spent so many hours playing Dragon Warrior 1-4. You're one of my favourite Clash tubers, man. Keep it up.

  7. hey guess what I used to use it but when I got on today I got fucking banned yes I used to use it along time ago and I haven't use it since!!!

  8. Wow Ash! Dragon Warrior 1 to 3 are probably my all time favorite games. Dragon Warrior 1 is the best!

  9. old guy???? wanna trade age with me? lol

  10. I got banned for two weeks and I wasn't even modding I contacted supercell and their response was the same as the message on the loading screen that they suspect the use of mods/bots with my account but the only I could've dine to make them suspect was all the trophy drops I been doing to stay in crystal l and I do that myself now I'm scared to ever farm again in risk of losing my th9 account I've worked on for two yrs

  11. I was wondering about upgrading my seeking air mines. Would it be better to keep them at level 1 that way they are less likely to pop a lava hound and ruin their raid?

  12. Solid video Ash. Nice to spotlight the Heisenberglars as well! ??

  13. Hey Ash! Big fan here, BUT as a 55 yo lady player (Lady AJ, th9 in Elite GoDz), I object to you referring to yourself as an old man! That would make me ancient, which I am not! Thanks for all of your videos, I have learned much and truly enjoy them. Clash on!

  14. Game is dead

  15. I think Bowlers need a massive hp buff and a slight attack buff, their concept is fun and unique, but they're weak and easily killed. The two hit mechanic might do a lot better for a main attacker instead of a weak support used for funnels.

  16. what do you think about clash with Cam's channel changes regarding being bored and slowing down his Clash of Clans gameplay vids?

  17. another great vid ash!

  18. Hello

  19. Ash you're my favorite YouTuber keep up the good work

  20. gj ash you the man

  21. Nice episode ash I honestly love what supercell has don't with bans now it seems people will finally step up and play fair btw I left a like

  22. @clash praise the ash he gotta be rash!!! thumbs up!! for the effort and vid!!

  23. ash one thing you said that is worrying me, I don't share accounts but I have 3 accounts I use on one iPad, I am concerned that SC might think that I am sharing accounts and ban me, is this possible because it's not like I can go out and buy two more iPads?

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  25. I saw Shawshank Redemption last week. I was awestruck by the time I finished it! Great call Ash!

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  28. can i ask you about a um… puberty?


  29. ASH YOU LEGEND, THOSE MOVIES ARE THE BEST! But I would recommend you watch the usual suspects, it's a bumpy ride and leaves you on the edge of your seat (assuming you haven't already seen it)

  30. Ash what do you think about shrinking the clan castle to be 2X2 instead of 3X3 , and making it hidden during wars and attacks like Tesla and Bombs ?

  31. nice vid as usual, something I always look forward to bro..just one question, r yall recruiting any th9's and if so how do I go about trying to get in the elite fam?

  32. Good stuff Ash thanks for sharing

  33. Hey it's paulerick with the highlight

  34. Don't think supercell is being fair! In the fairplay Q&A they are not talking about the people who quit modding and still getting banned as I have seen many cases on forum. Seen on forum that even after the mod is uninstalled if the files are left behind supercell is able to scan them and ban you.
    Even if a player quit modding long ago or just while back they get banned. Supercell have not answered questions properly like the last one about if you can get banned if you use mod for other games. Supercell should not be able to dictate which games you can play or cannot play whether modding them or not.

  35. another awesome vid man. what's your opinion on a clan mode s.c. can come out with. via clan mate vs. clan. in order to help other clan members with attack strategies. whether it be for war, farming, or, pushing. any thoughts brotha????

  36. Please stop cutting the intro's music so suddenly !

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  39. honestly I like u more ash them cam

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  42. ash u do video s so fast

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