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Clash Of Clans | Amazing Attack: Hog Expert Town Hall 9

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  1. what name music coc 7:40

  2. nice music,,title plss..??

  3. Superb!

  4. Hey jack what's the best strategy against a base with a lava hound in cc?, in my last war a enemy base had a lava hound a was a problem

  5. Do you hog attacks after update are possible?

  6. I love

  7. Haha , jack u just showed how to 3 star your own base in that 2nd attack lol

  8. jack please make a ultimate th9 hybrid base please

  9. what name the first music

  10. thumbnail is great!

  11. i can tell after this update the next overused troop will the hogs ???

  12. anyone know when the bomb tower update?

  13. wait…the second attack was your own designLOL

  14. When the Update comes we need some new th8+ bases!

  15. hi jack

  16. ty

  17. I agree I can't 3 star on th9 but I want to become member of ur clan but it takes very long time to get upgraded troops I become member not in war so plz can I join ninjas irl 2 this is a humble req to u..!! nd I have great attack strategy th8 nd I always get 3 star on th8 if raided correctly

  18. nice attack… great video men!!

  19. schaffen wir 50 abos?

  20. Been subbed since like below 10k !! ;)

  21. nice

  22. Hog expert…they just do it, and never joke

  23. JACK??

  24. I really like your all video…..Keep it up…..

  25. Im german so i cant join your clan my clan is good 2

  26. plz try communicate with ninjas irl2 tell him that they accept me I really wants to join ninjas irl

  27. yeah im th9 new nd max th8 I tried joining ninjas irl as well as ninjas irl 2 but idk they rejected me

  28. new logo good

  29. nice music !

  30. plz Jack really wants to join ur clan…

  31. nice jack

  32. can I join ur clan…?

  33. ❤️❤️‼️❗️‼️

  34. hi Jack awesome video

  35. 1 st. view

  36. Love your viedeos jack

  37. First

  38. 1