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Clash of Clans – Arch Nemesis WAR! (has modding stopped?)

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  1. Vendetta was just good I think he 3star galadon to! B4!

  2. Spencer can you help me a little on clash of clans and clash royale please

  3. I can still mod, i just didnt update my coc

  4. How is a "kazu" an Australian instrument…….?

  5. Spencer i beat u in a match my name is drewski i beat u 1 crown to none

  6. they are scouting the base to try to 3 star it

  7. I sometimes attack without a full army or all heros just to get one star but that is when we are for sure winning and just to get the loot. Or same thing when we are getting crushed and I just go for the 1 star to get the XP.

  8. Spencer the type of guy to eat alphabet soup and chokes on the D

    No hate to Spencer

  9. What's his intro song

  10. Have you changed the visual quality of your videos? Might be imagining things but this one looks very neat.

  11. the ttacks where they only got the one star were obviously scouting attacks, they just got the one star for either loot or in case of fail

  12. do colab with galadon

  13. Did spencer just lowkey hint that he thinks can quit because he was secretly a modder this whole time

  14. If you didn't know,Yoshi is a character from mario. Not trying to sound snarky!

  15. drop the healers already, old news…….check out my clan atse, 3★ing max th11s without stupid healers, without max heroes. 15 straight wins, never a mod in sight!

  16. The face you make when you get trolled 9:29

  17. GG from the stream btw Spencer. (Im Dying Starman).

  18. Anal beast

  19. They were scouting

  20. I know people have managed to make private servers in clash of clans, they may end up going the extra mile and practice attacks on the same layout on a private/modded server

  21. I think the non-full camp hits were to check for bombs to make a hog hit easier.

  22. Wow

  23. Omg, I was dying when you said anal beast.

  24. aww. get well soon glider

  25. 25th like

  26. lol vendetta is a youtuber

  27. RIP warM Hole