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Clash of Clans | Archer Queen + Healers LavaLoon, GoLaLoon | 3 Star Attack Strategy

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  1. Hey man, I've learned a lot from your videos. I executed my first queenwalk with 1 zap-quake laloon and overkill a top base. If you want you can record it! Keep up the good work. I really appriciate the videos how to beat different base types! Peace

  2. gadi i want to share may 3 star atck with a.q. walk and shatterd lavaloons with zap quake but i cant be able to record the replay, ill be glad if you come to my clan. ?

  3. Отл обзор Гади ?

  4. Fair play clan. Yeah right That doesn't exist I like your videos btw ???

  5. Is 4 healers a good number for lv 17 queen?

  6. hi gadi

  7. Nice , thank you

  8. Th9 offense is op

  9. Gadi tnks for your video,

  10. Can you show some strong anti3- STAR th9 bases, please?✌

  11. askgadi: why you copying cams ideas lol

  12. Can you make a video on Anti Queen Walk base for th9 please Gadi!

  13. lol I remember in a video u made with lisa from fallen misfits that u said air attacks are not good anymore cuz of air sweeper haha that was false it's very alive nice vids

  14. nice video gadi ^__^

  15. Would love to see a guide about ZapQuake for the Infernos (both TH9 & TH10 level Zaps)… & how many point defences can a lvl15 AQ take at once i.e. all the point defences attacking at once towards the AQ???

  16. very good gadi

  17. I cant guide the queen she goes exact tl the side i clean !! wtf !!

  18. This is crap. What are those blowy defense things and why do they have extra spells that rush your troops and one that kills enemy troops? Nice editing but I see that it's fake.

  19. #askgadi Who's your favorite member of WinterNvrCame?

  20. Gadi, I must say I really like your new style not doing attack lectures but actually explaining while the attack goes on. I also like it because you don't forget what happened in the attack because of the editing ;)

  21. Winter is coming !!

  22. nice video bro ;)

  23. guys sorry for the annotations. some of them messed up for some reason.