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Clash of Clans – Archer Queen Walk + GoLaLoon 3 Star Attack Strategy for TH9

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  1. it is easy to see if it is a xmod player lol??

  2. your videos are really inspirational, Awesome Thanks a lot and keep it up buddy!!!

  3. ash, can my archer queen lvl 13 to play queen walk ? plz replay

  4. with reference to those 2 bases, could you explain why is this strategy is best to use rather than the golaloon + 4 earthquake spells strategy since both bases can get 2 ADs and the defense Queen from the same side ? thanks

  5. Enjoying your content thanks

  6. please more 😀
    ahaha nice vid

  7. its important to hold your king until cc is drawn by golems or just release him late to prevent him from being targeted

  8. Nice try ash. Maybe next time instead of 5 archers bring 2-3 goblins with some archers as they do 2x damage when attacking mines and collectors.

  9. Hey ash amazing attacks, got a little unlucky with that hound not dying in time on the last one. Btw ash as a rusher, is it worth it going to th11 to start leveling the warden? or is the loot in th11 too crappy to try it?

  10. Don't wait until your heroes die. Deploy your hounds and loons while your heroes are still alive, this way one of them (most likely the archer queen) will survive and help out with the clean up. Just a little tip ;)

  11. ash you need to save a few wiz for clean up

  12. A tip: always bring the around af LH's: AD's+1, otherwise it won't work out probably

  13. but there's th 11s with lower lvl heroes than your th 9, how're they meant to be able to even 1 star a th 9 with that strat lol

  14. Ash you are best farmer with Brandon what i have seen! Im using your army combo in my videos if you want to check ;)

  15. awsome vid

  16. Great attacks Ash, would love to see more war recaps or live attacks.

  17. thats just awesome!

  18. Ash, how did you farm your lvl 10 walls and lvl 11 on your main account? Especially since you did it in 5 weeks. P.s mention if you boosted and for how long. Thnx

  19. I wanna try out the Queen walk with my Level 20 queen but i feel like this strategy has too much risks.

  20. ash can you tell me why we should use giants with batch at th 7 while at th 9 you shouldn't do it without queen… Thabks

  21. liked your video….please reply….thanks