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Clash of Clans – Are Bowlers GOOD now? (Lets test 30!)

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  1. more cllaaaash

  2. Don't let him fool you. He's only spent $23

  3. Whats with the rainbow in your hair?

  4. I prefer clash royale vids, however I will watch your war vids

  5. more clash of clans content pls!!!

  6. Yes! Clan wars! Yes!

  7. What were the cheats exactly

  8. What's his intro

  9. bowlers are not worth it. ive spent abt 1500$. keep doing videos. weve beat 3 clans in a row with over 250 CW wins. lol. wonder if they use to mod?
    BIG RIGS!!

  10. They are good if you use them propperly, you dont use them well.

  11. MORE COC, MORE COC!! (that sounds a bit weird, but u get the idea)

  12. I come here for the CoC!

  13. Please do carry on because you are the only YouTuber that I like that still uploads Clash of Clans, even if their not very often ??

  14. more clan wars less clash Royale

  15. I'm here for the Clash of Clans vids, and nothing else. Been following your channel for a while now, but if it becomes Clash Royale only then I'll be unsubbing :/

  16. clan war vids. are great

  17. Coc is better than clash Royal

  18. who else has a d in their name and lives in one of the 13 colonies and is watching in 2016 and has a dog with a g in their name

  19. yes! please continue clan wars!

  20. Hey spence – if level 8 barbs and arch were brought into the game like you suggested, would you make another barcherama clan?

  21. I've watched and liked just about every clash vid you've done. Always look forward to the next. Get bummed when it's a Royale vid. Max th10 still clashin daily.

  22. coc is better than cr

  23. Im only watching clash of clans videos, totally hate royale ones of all youtubers. Annoying to skip through 30 vids to find a single coc vid because thats why im here