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Clash of Clans | ATTACK SAVED BY A MIRACLE | Most Epic Attack EVER! (QuatroLava Attack)

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  1. Well that was a disappointing video.

  2. Larry, don’t touch that.

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  4. use 69 lava hounds and 69 ballons

  5. Join Clan
    My Name: Blood Oath
    Clan Name: Rogue Rivals
    1000 Trophies
    Speak only English please
    Clan Tag #PPGJVYL9

  6. Beast

  7. awesome clutch cam, thanks goodness for the queen

  8. Cam where are the Mr. Barbarian videos??????

  9. Nice one +Clash of Clans with Cam 

  10. Hey! That’s my clan and +Benedict Guillermo!

  11. +Clash of Clans with Cam Hey Don’t lie you changed the title right! first
    it was “Clash of Clans | THE MIRACLE ATTACK”? Right?!

  12. Your thumbnails are really improving, keep it up Cam.

  13. Hey cam, u should make a second channel and call it it’s camedy! 

  14. why don’t you attack with 240 wizards? use your army camps at max!

  15. BK is not that dumb after all (:

  16. EXTREMELY misleading title.

  17. cam check my comment on your last vid it have 11 likes and people support
    my idea

  18. I am dissapointed by this kind of video.

    Hey guys ! I did an attack and i got lucky,
    Bye !

  19. Keep scrolling motherfucker..

  20. I need members for my new clan Its called i H4CK3D COC nonrushed th6 and up

  21. wish my heroes would act that way more often..and not the other way around

  22. +Clash of Clans with Cam

  23. Alter ich hab das gefühl du hat dich verändert.
    Du bringst nur noch so kurze videos raus. Und dann auch noch so einen dreck.
    Und immer dieser “earn free gems”.
    Der angriff war kein stück episch.

  24. #camsucksatattacking finally a air raid

  25. The video on the left at the end was removed >:( Unsubscribe lol jk