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Clash of Clans – Attack Strategy for Fast and Easy LOOT! *Post Update*

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  1. sounds good to me. But I have AQ level1, and Healers level 3.
    So it' a little bit difficult when I have opponent with AD7, Canon8-9, ArcherTower 11
    I'll try po put another Healer3

  2. this technic is just awesome !!!

    Just launch the troops to be build, can't wait to test it ;)

  3. I need a Super-queen, not like mine, retarded :(

  4. Do you think that SC will nerf this strategy one again?

  5. Ash, yours videos for farming are great and actually i get both of my heroes up now and havent them during my last war. Do you recommend to keep one heroes non up even if we have enough DE? What do you recommend to act in war with 0/1/both heroes? 2 stars? comp? Plz answer at least the first question.

  6. Thx i understand a little more the path of the queen

  7. Which Archer queen level do you recommend for this Queen walk?

  8. ????I like it ????




  9. Hey ash do a account giveaway

  10. first hahw