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Clash of Clans – Attack Strategy – The Eternal Iron TomeFist!

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  1. So he left One Direction to join Lost Phoenix…I'd do the same!


  3. I'm sorry Galadon but I feel as if this is just a bad video… That attack strategy is such an easy thing to come up with. I would like to know how much work went into the CONTENT on this video. Seems like it was just a waste of a video and everyone's time…(including your own time)

  4. Is anyone else only getting 5 min of guard instead of 30?

  5. That's not a proper name, I think. My proposal: berserk. Immortal raging barbarians. They're definetely going berserker mode.

  6. call it the iron tome or eternal fist

  7. When does the daily 5 star reset, 24 hr after your last 5 star or what? 11AM still not reset.

  8. Are you ignoring me?

  9. Hey..Subscribe to My channel..Its new and I play Bloons TD battle…Still to introduce Bloons Monkey City,Clash of Clans and clash royale

  10. This video is out dated if you look at the cc you'll see it all.

  11. galadon zane could have used his barb king at the bottom getting 2 air defences and the pigeon artillery and queen at top for the other 2 air defences then used 2 lavahounds and loons

  12. The ironfist, more like the iron fisting

  13. ?

  14. cool

  15. Eternal Fist

  16. Homo

  17. Suppercell worst mistake

  18. The Deagle Artillery.

    Sorry CS:GO joke

  19. why not call it the eternal fist? I'm it just sound smoother than eternalironfisttome

  20. do the 12 earthquake raid pls

  21. people complain about no loot while i cant even update clash 😐 great job supercell my device isnt compatible anymore i even tried ur "fix" its just all bs

  22. Galadon why you showing us Lost Phoenix? Clan which is know for using xmod/imod for modding clash of clans?! :)))

  23. is this after updat?

  24. that 69% in the last raid tho…..

  25. Great video galadon! <3

  26. Hello.. it's M-e again

  27. GALADON, which hero you like the most at th11?

  28. clash of clans (gone wrong) kissing prank, in the hood, gone sexual, prankster get killed

  29. idk but im not able to farm anymore (it might be just me)

  30. when will clash royale come out worldwide?

  31. gg

  32. Im in Titan 1 and they give me 30 minutos of guard the mantenience not only did not fix the game otherwise it made it worse