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Clash of Clans | ATTACKED BY BOWLERS | New Bowler Troop CoC

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  1. The lower lvl air defenses look like crayons. They can't take down hounds or dragons, but they sure can color! Also, I love the new sound YouTube makes when you like a comment.

  2. CQOTD: When Is The Next Time You Req Clans Open

  3. yup

  4. Omfg i just found out stun backwards is nuts

  5. Please upload daily

  6. can u show a war after update

  7. Great vids!!!!!!


  9. that intros to all you videos are amazing and what it feels to get a three star anyways you're what inspired me to be like you and suck at attacking but at the same time you made me start my YouTube channel so thank you so much for being the one that helped me start my clash of clans and to believe in myself while I'm attacking thank you so much. ?

  10. hey i bookmatked. cams clan and he has the same troops

  11. It's awesome, we have a useless poison spell now. Game gets better with each update. Almost forgot to mention the shitty new troops they added

  12. Do what pat did.. All max valks and take down a maxed base!

  13. my ad looks like godamn crayons

  14. did u notice that the archer has a new sound when she is killed

  15. ohhh

  16. what is the bowlers max level

  17. the new ad look like corn candy that can fly and explode.

    and I also noticed that the platform thing of the heroes has changed

  18. hi

  19. Cam claims he doesn't gem and likes to earn upgrades fairly (Day after update, Max Bowlers) OKKKAYYYY perfect logic

  20. great vids

  21. CQOTD:could u do a new intro bro ?

  22. mmmmmhmmm you said you'll never gem and you gemmed your bowlers to max and there's no why you could have farmed that the update hasn't even come out for a month you piece of shit lair

  23. I'm watching this the day it was made omg awesome

  24. i just subscribed, the videos are great

  25. CQOTD: I thought you didn't gem? What happened?

  26. CQOTD: Are you ever going to use goho at th 11 i know this sounds stupid but there are lvl 6 jogs and goho is bae.

  27. Yeah the airdefencelvl6 used to have 4 rockets now they have1

  28. Cam u fucking idiot, why the fuck would you gem your account but not record the footage? You could've made a few 100 bucks(more than 500 if you're lucky) if you uploaded the recording… Wtf? Not trying to hate dude, but that's a symptom of lack of common sense… .

  29. these new air defense look are stupid love your videos

  30. Thank you I am townhall 6 and have a level 3 air defense that looks shit

  31. QCOTD: are you PewDiePie? Cause you have alot of subs for making garbage videos

  32. cam always have something to compare ?????bully?????like

  33. CQOTD:What the fuck is that thing that replaced my air defenses,it looks like a child's fucking toy

  34. Does anyone even give a fuck about the new level hog riders ..all I see is level 5 Valkyries and the bowler

  35. Archerers when they die they make a different sound

  36. cam=life

  37. Cam you are so right

  38. I like how you always block when someone Texas you but u showed it this time hmm I wonder why

  39. that intro XD

  40. The update sucked dick for us war attackers

  41. Shittiest update ever my opinion dude wtf my air defense looks like shit I can't look at a it and the boulders die like shit also

  42. Damn Cam back again with another awesome video

  43. Cam I wish I was as smart as you because I sometimes get scared when I'm attacking