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Clash of Clans- Awesome Gowipe Raids In Champs! Best TH9 Push Strategy? Pushing to Champs 2!!

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  1. Pushing hard now

  2. Nelly can I join your clan I'm an active th 9

  3. Intro: thats basically me lol and great video :)

  4. I wanted to make you a 3D intro you commented at, but you already have one:( so if you still Need one)

  5. you've blown up :D

  6. I am new th8 and I have problems Raiding elixer Its just impossible to upgrade troops ,,,,,, anyone have any tips??

  7. Nelly what is a good strat for pushing TH8

  8. Hey nelly dont u think 3 golems would be better for a gowipe? Or were members to lazy to give u one in cc lol nice video man

  9. Good morning

  10. Third!!!!!!!!!

  11. nelly can you do 2 videos a day instead of one?

  12. First