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Clash of Clans: BABY DRAGONS @ TH10 w/ New Skeleton Spell!

  1. Hey PB can u guide us how to upgrade to th8.5 before fully upgrade th9

  2. You're such a good attacker :)

  3. Im early so hi powebang

  4. Nice video PB . I see this strat too complicated for the most of the people

  5. upload th 9 strategy after october update

  6. It may work for th9. Maybe a healer, a baby and a rage less. anyways I have to try it

  7. what about th9

  8. can those skeleton spells and freeze spell be applied on Iceland infernos and get rid of it??

  9. Any work around with the nerfed miners? Can't use them properly now even with any combo.

  10. Nice vid bro

  11. nice attack

  12. can you make a video on best strategy to attack th9 after recent update,is it better to continue govaho or go with gowipe

  13. Hey PB, another great video. Thanks man.

  14. very nice strategy but my twin hall is 9

  15. great video as alwys pb…keep it up

  16. Burning that midnight oil, eh, PB?

    Thanks for the excellent content though.

  17. Good morning from England power bang! Love your videos

  18. Im late

  19. Wow

  20. nice attack, but 'sandboxed', and the queen charge looks definitively practised (and air traps could of rekt the queen charge if they were placed in the south of the base). So I don't know if this strategy is really viable for clan wars/ friendly wars.

    But nice video man, keep it up !

  21. Th9 farming strategy please, I'm getting back into this game but have low level heros, 10-15

  22. u could have zap quacked the ad ?

  23. love your videos. Good job keep it up

  24. 14th comment pls like

  25. shit ???

  26. Nice attack

  27. Instead of Using 3 skell spells + 1 freeze.. Why not use 2 light plus 1 eq..
    Same camp space of 5. Right?

  28. Thx man ca u do th9 new players attack


  30. Hey Guys someone know if i can buy the value pack th10 lvl2 infernos and cancel the inferno bulding directly,… dont want to drop them i am a 9.5…. sorry for my bad english,…? clash on

  31. daddy

  32. m the first viewer of this video

  33. ????

  34. ita so nice everytime you upload a new videos .good job idol. keep up the good attacks. ..???

  35. Last time I was this early, There was shield when Townhall got destroyed !

  36. thanks dad