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Clash Of Clans – Baby Tony Is A Gemmer!! – Buying 14,000 Gems In CoC 2016!

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  1. Tony please reply!!! if I send a request to baby beast will U accept it!! by the way I loved the video

  2. Tony loved the episode keep these awesome videos coming.upgrade to to town hall seven .???????look my clan up Its RoninGaurd.

  3. go to th7!!!!!

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  6. gem th7

  7. gem to th7 pls

  8. u should have first keep more builder huts using the gems

  9. th6 dont be a rusher plz

  10. Can I get an odd number of likes

  11. Tony here is a challenge I am giving you.
    On ur TH11 acc. build ur army.
    Ur MAIN army (excluding the CC) should contain at least 1 of every troop (elixir and dark elixir). From barbs to bowlers. There should be 1 of every troop.
    Spells only 1 of each kind. You are not allowed to take 2 spells of the same kind. (Like no 2 rage spells and no 4 earthquake spells.)
    Use only 1 Hero.
    U can use ur CC but still one spell of a kind only.
    Lastly, I wanted to say that ur vids are just too awesome.

  12. amazing episode general

  13. max th 6

  14. Tony your missing out on some pure fun play that little Tony base I had a ball when I did my little base

  15. Max out every thing in TH 6…den u can all archer army…with all rage…nd 6 healers…:)..tony…i check out ur free gems hyperlink…how does it work…the points nd all..pls ecppain more in next video

  16. hey Tony please shout out your my favorite

  17. max Th 7

  18. max out

  19. Tony if you had more space and spells you would destroy bases!


  21. do clash of clans next

  22. max it out

  23. max th6

  24. max th6 + walls ofc

  25. Hiiiiii give me monte


  27. max out the town hall 6

  28. #Upgrade TOWNHALL

  29. my opinion is that you max it then you upgrade your town hall just sayin or likes

  30. bye genral tony i just liked this vidio and am going on clash of clans bye love ur vid keep up the good work

  31. clash of clan next video

  32. do not rush

  33. Max upgrade it tony

  34. Max th6

  35. Worst day of my life

  36. General tony ! ??

  37. tony can you open the clan so i join please ?

  38. do you have kik or line chat??

  39. upgrade to th7

  40. hi tony

  41. Damn General.Tony back with the second video.

  42. I'm going to spend half of this and rest in next ep so I'm gonna spend about 6k lmao it's 7k