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Clash Of Clans | Back At It

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  1. better name for that start is B.A.G

  2. The gold was in the Town Hall!

  3. Wow no dislike ???

  4. rest of the gold (at 7:56) was in the town hall. in the Dec 2015 update they made it so town halls act as a storage device as well. click info on your town hall. you will see it tells you how much of your loot (elixir, gold and dark elixir) is stored in there

  5. Atta is their any way to join your clan I'm a decent th8, let me join if I 3 star your base I can stay in your clan… King Atta please answer back

  6. Atta do u play BO3 on ps4/Xbox only or do you play it on pc too?

  7. u spend the rages for fun??? they cost elixir dude. keep going bro nice video

  8. Making Progress Atta ?

  9. Batch is more cheaper and better

  10. Can I join your clan?

  11. i been trying to join ur clan my name is KillerClown13

  12. how much members do u have in your clan Atta

  13. You might not want to use spells when doin that strat

  14. Nice, I just got my king to lvl 10… ?

  15. i want to join his clan

  16. omg amazing gameplay

  17. hey

  18. Atta u were sorta akward while talking XD, try working on it :D, still good video though

  19. Nice vid, love your content

  20. by the way I also love Naruto the manga and anime!Try watching Bottom!?

  21. good luck on tomorrow for family Fridays!

  22. my bad thought it was Chris's channel!??lmao!

  23. video after video!!??

  24. Plz let me join your clan my name is DrCow!

  25. hey atta I found your clan and really hope to join but I also found out that we have the same base design lol. Literally I was making a base and I found that one online and your traps are the exact same ?

  26. Atta why did you guys kick me? (FireFistAce)

  27. you can get the spring traps to lvl 3 at the 8 and lvl 3 costs 1 million total will be 9 million for all lvl 3

  28. 100th view ;)

  29. your team mates declined it every time

  30. why can't i join your clan

  31. Crap I'm early

  32. Sup

  33. Can you please lower clan trophies to 900

  34. The last time i was this early my girlfriend left me

  35. First person to say sup atta