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Clash Of Clans – BANNED FOR LIFE HAS ARRIVED!! – Permanent Bans CoC 2016!

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  1. soo if I use 3 softwares for the same account ,,,,,will I be banned ???´╗┐

  2. Tony when will you accept new members in your clan??´╗┐

  3. I actually once tried to get xmod.´╗┐

  4. this is why coc dead. Because of the Stupid Supercell that ban me for no FUCKING reason!´╗┐

  5. and can ya kick two people out so me and my friend can join´╗┐

  6. hi Tony will ya do any videos on your other account baby Tony plz do it´╗┐

  7. nope´╗┐

  8. I used to use xmod too but hopefully I'm not banned!!Ôťî´╗┐

  9. Can you play clash royal´╗┐

  10. I'm not banned´╗┐

  11. I used Xmod but didn't get banned ´╗┐

  12. They should make a little freeze trap. Whenever you walk by it, it'll freeze the enemy troops for a couple of seconds.´╗┐

  13. I HAVEN'T MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHA at least not yet?´╗┐

  14. No bad person here´╗┐

  15. BlueStacks?Is it 3rd Party SoftWare?I am gonna get BANNED?´╗┐

  16. Me I spend over 1000$ on this game´╗┐

  17. To all the people who used xmod, why don't you guys have skill? You get what you deserve and hopefully supercell made the game more fun´╗┐

  18. Champion government companion mass´╗┐

  19. Join clan clash of aryans #GQCPVYQQ 1st four become co-leader´╗┐

  20. is there an update for people th6 or down´╗┐

  21. how can we unban it??´╗┐

  22. same…I got permanently banned too and now I am can say goodbye to supercell forever…???´╗┐

  23. My friend's banned!! haha He just disappeared out of my clan! haha´╗┐

  24. Friends iam banned permanently.please help me´╗┐

  25. with 1200 trophies´╗┐

  26. please open ur clan I want to join´╗┐

  27. 1/11 of coc players have used hax…?´╗┐

  28. I m not banned´╗┐

  29. I am not banned ­čÖé both my accounts. I play it fair. Though I pity my Friend who was banned on all his accounts´╗┐

  30. Who got banned? Nit me´╗┐

  31. PLZ´╗┐

  32. I never got banned´╗┐

  33. Genral tony plz put ur clan open I want to join plz I'm Th 7´╗┐

  34. i havent received warning but i used xmod for trying what troops are good??´╗┐

  35. I don't hack so I don't get any warnings´╗┐

  36. 1:01 What it says is…. (as if we don't know to read) Really Tony?´╗┐

  37. hello tony you have have other account of clas of clan´╗┐

  38. tony half of my friends in my clan dissarpeared´╗┐

  39. I was band for buying to menny hems´╗┐

  40. not me´╗┐

  41. I have used x-mod and I used other hacks and im not banned?? lol, i now feel bad for everyone´╗┐

  42. Ive Not Touched Xmod In Last Couple Of Months (9 Months) And I Got Banned´╗┐

  43. Hey GT plzz make next video on troll bases challenge´╗┐

  44. it´╗┐

  45. i am banned !!!!´╗┐