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Clash Of Clans – BANNED FOR LIFE HAS ARRIVED!! – Permanent Bans CoC 2016!

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  1. soo if I use 3 softwares for the same account ,,,,,will I be banned ???

  2. Tony when will you accept new members in your clan??

  3. I actually once tried to get xmod.

  4. this is why coc dead. Because of the Stupid Supercell that ban me for no FUCKING reason!

  5. and can ya kick two people out so me and my friend can join

  6. hi Tony will ya do any videos on your other account baby Tony plz do it

  7. nope

  8. I used to use xmod too but hopefully I'm not banned!!✌

  9. Can you play clash royal

  10. I'm not banned

  11. I used Xmod but didn't get banned 

  12. They should make a little freeze trap. Whenever you walk by it, it'll freeze the enemy troops for a couple of seconds.

  13. I HAVEN'T MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHA at least not yet?

  14. No bad person here

  15. BlueStacks?Is it 3rd Party SoftWare?I am gonna get BANNED?

  16. Me I spend over 1000$ on this game

  17. To all the people who used xmod, why don't you guys have skill? You get what you deserve and hopefully supercell made the game more fun

  18. Champion government companion mass

  19. Join clan clash of aryans #GQCPVYQQ 1st four become co-leader

  20. is there an update for people th6 or down

  21. how can we unban it??

  22. same…I got permanently banned too and now I am can say goodbye to supercell forever…???

  23. My friend's banned!! haha He just disappeared out of my clan! haha

  24. Friends iam banned permanently.please help me

  25. with 1200 trophies

  26. please open ur clan I want to join

  27. 1/11 of coc players have used hax…?

  28. I m not banned

  29. I am not banned 🙂 both my accounts. I play it fair. Though I pity my Friend who was banned on all his accounts

  30. Who got banned? Nit me

  31. PLZ

  32. I never got banned

  33. Genral tony plz put ur clan open I want to join plz I'm Th 7

  34. i havent received warning but i used xmod for trying what troops are good??

  35. I don't hack so I don't get any warnings

  36. 1:01 What it says is…. (as if we don't know to read) Really Tony?

  37. hello tony you have have other account of clas of clan

  38. tony half of my friends in my clan dissarpeared

  39. I was band for buying to menny hems

  40. not me

  41. I have used x-mod and I used other hacks and im not banned?? lol, i now feel bad for everyone

  42. Ive Not Touched Xmod In Last Couple Of Months (9 Months) And I Got Banned

  43. Hey GT plzz make next video on troll bases challenge

  44. it

  45. i am banned !!!!