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Clash of Clans | BARBARIAN PARTY MADNESS | Tournament Winners

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  1. hi! cam u r saying in urs vedios if u need to talk to me tweet me in twitter but i tweeted u in twitter i commeted in urs last five vedios !! but u r not respond and i think u r not seeing that to then y u r saying in vedios????

  2. can you help me with my base?

  3. can you make a town hall 9 war base?

  4. Hey Cam I like your vids, makes me wanna be more active on clash of clans. I'm already a Max TH7 but I'm worried about TH8 since I have trouble farming for Dark tho. anyways love that vids bro keep it up :)

  5. Anyone else click the low power mode? ?

  6. wtf happened to mustang bro

  7. CQOTD: Did you ever meet on some of your clanmates in real life?

  8. cqotd:Will you think supercell will make an update in cr and add the lavahound? and what arena they said arena 4(bad English I'm sloveenian)

  9. we are currently leading against smogg by 3 stars at 4 attack difference.
    most of our TH8 sucks….

  10. CQOTD: What happened to mustangbro?

  11. CQOTD: which is your favorite account on clash of clans?

  12. I tried to join camsclan

  13. i want to be in the 49 people ok plzzzzz
    if its full ffbhxfvfhbvvfjgfjhhcvfyhfyfggfhjhjkjkhjhjjhyhjhhhhghghhh

  14. Yo can you please help us (me) with th8 goho, whenever I try it I freak out and drop to many heal spells when you don't need them so I don't have any hogs left at the end of the raid, I have Lvl 4 hogs but not Lvl 2 golems and only Lvl 8 king please help

  15. CQOTD: what is your plan with this channel if clash dies (which it won't or it will ruin my life)?

  16. Do you have advice for th8 because im a new th8.

  17. cam

  18. witch clan can the one in the video or another one

  19. Chris already told that "what's up clash with cam,wassup Jeff gets crafty!"incident. And he sounded pretty pissed off saying it. Lol

  20. CQOTD: when will you be upgrading your th8 account to th9

  21. CQOTD: what has ever made u the angriest? just curious bcuz u seem like a super nice guy.

  22. i wisjh i can be in it but no whon cares thats why unsubed


  24. More clash of clans uploads :3 I stopped playing Clash Royale after hitting Arena 3.

  25. I'm early let me think of a joke

    The bowler

  26. Congratulations on ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS. You earned it and I will always love your videos. Keep it up and two million is right ahead

  27. Alguém. br ai ?

  28. I'm a new th9!!! Plz post th9 attacks and strats

  29. please make a video on townhall 8.5

  30. CQOTD:did you invent CQOTD?

  31. I love you

  32. Th8 loon + minions and dragon raids plz??

  33. CQOTD : well now your clan level is max so what will you start next for your subs?

  34. what level air defences are those in the first th8 raid

  35. CQOTD what happened to stangbro or whatever that account was called lol