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Clash Of Clans | BArching DE storages | TH11 Valk three star max bases

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  1. Hey daddy I'm a th 9 like sidekick and I just wanted to know what strategy did you use to get all the de for your heroes ?

  2. Gone are the good ol' days of the "hands" videos…miss those, lol

  3. Skills in masters league

  4. On sidekick why aren't u in a clan?

  5. Best intro and outro Ive ever seen on YouTube ????

  6. can you do a bowlers for dummy video because I'm a dummy and am having issues with this whole bowler thing lol. Good to see you back btw although the you don't sound thrilled anymore.

  7. hey:)

  8. Hey Daddy! Welcome back! TH10 strategy is Golem, Bowlers and a few valks. Lots of rage spells for added destruction.

  9. Nice video

  10. Would do you think about brexit

  11. Why don't you upload more often???

  12. OMG DADDY! What a privilege to watch your video :D!

  13. Am I the only one that sees that your warden is on air? It means he is only healing airtroops. So his ability does not work on ground troops

  14. today in london was everything except sunny xD. Whats your take on this Brexit shenanigans. In my opinion Donald Trump and Borris Johnson are basically twins right down to their hair. Bit of a shame the pound is at its lowest but thats what the skinheads that voted exit brought us into. no offense if you voted exit but you seem smart so i doubt you voted leave.

  15. We are missing you from UAE

  16. Your channel is dying :(

  17. gobarch is thenew barch

  18. I minis u man ?

  19. sub and comment I'll do the same to any one

  20. I tried barch with baby dragons and I think it's a great strategy 

  21. I still love ur videos Daddy!!! Been watching for a long time, keep it up!!!!

  22. How's ur new job daddy, we missed you

  23. :D

  24. daddy ready for the family war!?

  25. I missed you daddy I'm soooo happy your back yeah

  26. Omg I miss u daddy 😀

    Not in that way u perv -.-

  27. This channel is still alive??? so inactive….

  28. I feel kinda orphan, when daddy doesn t making new videos…like if you like your clash daddy :-D

  29. Great video as usual, we miss your vids man! One small comment, set the warden to ground instead of air, because it won't help the ground troops if it is set to air (it won't give them hp increase) and it is getting killed by air deft

  30. Daddy ur Alive!!!