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Clash of Clans Base Build for Town Hall 9 to Titan TH9

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  1. What do u put in the cc for defense´╗┐

  2. hey pt it me jj from your old clan i made a feeder clan for your new peilCLANtacos i made another one called peilCLANTACOS#2´╗┐

  3. Hey PT. you still in lunar Rising´╗┐

  4. Nice video my friend´╗┐

  5. Why make dark ?´╗┐

  6. How will this base defend in lower leagues´╗┐

  7. cool´╗┐

  8. Hey pt can u do a video about PT3?????coz I was lookin in ur clan and I seen PelicanTacosIII and it reminded me about it!!!plz do a vid on it!!!!!!´╗┐

  9. 5th! HNY happy new year´╗┐

  10. im a new th10 and i made this base into a farming base for me´╗┐

  11. Well, with the bonus drk elixir doesnt matter ^^´╗┐

  12. Is this any good?´╗┐

  13. Happy new year!´╗┐