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  1. That's an awesome idea :)

  2. Great vid, nice poodle and merry Christmas in advance to ya and fam, Ash

  3. Have a wicked Xmas Ash ???

  4. what a fantastic idea. Man your videos are awesome!

  5. Hey ash, sent my Base build in hope you like it!

  6. Hey Bro, where did you get your channel art from, I was wondering If I could have one made? Thanks

  7. why would i send my war base on internet so every one can see my

  8. I just felt all my laziness to make a base leave me..

  9. I also would like to see TH8.5 and 9.5

  10. Is apex rich as fuck?

  11. name:ahmed osama, clan:big bati5a,my level:94,clan level:6,town hall:8,farming base. thanks

  12. where do I send the image?

  13. I got all my bases from u so I won't send them to u haha merry Xmas man

  14. check out my undefeated th9 Dark elixir Base….. Tested nd proved in Champions League with Replays!!

  15. Hi Sheldon!! ??

  16. do I use caps or no caps

  17. Cant people cheat and copy other peoples bases?

  18. I've just gone to th9 like 27 hours ago… can I call myself a th8?

  19. What's that green stuff your're drinking? Looks scary boss.

  20. hope I win I think I made a really good base