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Clash of Clans | Base Design Guide – Anti 3 Bases vs. Mass Bowlers and Mass Miners

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  1. Did you guys win or lost this war?? Atividade BR is a really tought brazilian clan war… well known here at Brazil!

  2. may I steal one of them ☺?

  3. to your point, we had a war in cwa where alot of the bases were trophie bases and happened to be really effective against our gowiva, ghbh, double walk, and mass valk, due to the distance between defenses all targeting a certain zone hitting many troops at the same time, and thats what i saw at th9 level

  4. nice aro

  5. Nice vid! I am a big fan of ur Clash vids!:) But i feel like u arent uploading any GoO vids anymore, is there any spesific uploading pattern u are following? I know that me myself and many others would love more GoO content from u! Anyways, keep up the good work man!

  6. Exactly what I was wanting to see. Great content Aronos!

  7. Solid vid man. Lot of time spent putting this together. Great info!

  8. Haha alreAdy ????thanks

  9. Can you make a th8 base?

  10. First