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CLASH OF CLANS BASE IN GTA V | Jumping From High Places

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  1. Wow, cam stops doing pokemon go and loses atleast 1 million views per video.

    What happened to everyone who said they would stick with cam no matter what when he stopped playing coc?

  2. Better than Pokémon go vids

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  4. hi cam I'm new to your channel but i have a game u might enjoy the name is clash royale

  5. It's camedy

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  7. Play clash of clans again!!

  8. nice vid,keep up the GTA online vids,your the best


  10. jeff and roberts voice sound like **

  11. This was too funny XD

  12. cam I am a big fan of yours and trying to join barbarianparty please I also follow you on Twitter I tweeted you about it but you didn't answer please please????????????????my tag is #8JYG89GGV invite me or send a friend request please

  13. Are u playing on Computer or Xbox??

  14. pls subscribe to my channel guys it would help a lot

  15. what happen to poor clash of clans man

  16. Where is coc base!?…. **

  17. hello to all that scroll

  18. Nice tit

  19. click bate

  20. cam I'm LVL7, at ARENA 8, 3012 trophies, name usui, clan 315. cam can i join your clan? CLASH ROYALE

  21. Hi Cam?

  22. Yes more GTA

  23. ???

  24. Play clash of clans

  25. The first part of the video was basically two brothers saying Ohh ohh ohh as they jump of rocks in GTA