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Clash of Clans BEST ATTACK EVER!

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  1. I wish I would have read the description earlier. Lol

  2. Fuck you

  3. I wish I was the person who defended that attack

  4. hhaha

  5. the skill

  6. nice attack

  7. What a dumb TH sniper :v !!

  8. WOW that is so good i better get those 200 archers ready!

  9. Bullshit !!

  10. song pleaase?

  11. Really best attack ever??

  12. nice base it is helpful to get trophies quickly please send that base design to us and tnx you

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  14. lol charles nice u should more of those vids people seen to like it alot

  15. I wish I could be that good

  16. For everyone saying it is a click bait…
    You should know the most loot you can get from a base is like 1.2 million each

  17. ???

  18. What's with the fake thumbnail?

  19. What a music?

  20. Ever.