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Clash of Clans – Best Attacker Vs Best Base! (Legendary 3 Star Attack)

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  1. what is the intro song??

  2. best attacker is better for me

  3. Keep up the good work :)

  4. Great to have u back ??

  5. I never you would respond also this was funny intro

  6. __━━____┓━╭━━━━╮
    ____━━____━━╰O–O-O–O ╯

  7. what's ur work dude?

  8. I love your voice ?

  9. attack skills are So important,

    i think Every Base can be 3 stared. look those war clans those guys are so good attackers

    i love to watch war's from exodias or Itd, and those guys Show us that attacking is More important that a Base Design

    i love Air attacks and played a long time in Titan, But now i m farming the Last levels of my Heros ans then i ll try a push to legend

    keep in goin alex good vids
    greetimgs from vienna

  10. welcome back. actually tha base ur using now at end of video looks pretty nice. can u share some replays of it in action?

  11. I love ur videos

  12. Hi ruthless

  13. Farmers FTW

  14. thanx dude, u inspire me not to gem…..
    I always enjoy your content,don't stop doing it…

  15. Schlaflos is the most badass clan in the world… Hes from germany. There are some hardcore farmers in there

  16. Haha the First attacker Clan was from Germany xD

  17. What is the intro music?

  18. 9th

  19. I love your videos man. You actually became the first ever COC player I've subscribed to. Thanks for all the pro tips.

  20. hi guys check my channel