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Clash Of Clans – BEST BABY DRAGON & MINER COMPOSITION!! (New Troop Raids)

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  1. minner n baby drag is not a gud combo ???

  2. Try an all miner comp ?

  3. Did you guys know that the barbarian king level 1 has a higher dps and hitpoints than the level 20 grand warden.

  4. hi

  5. Godson try lavaloonian with the baby drags!

  6. Real Madrid Won !!!!!!!

  7. Im stupid.

  8. name the baby dragon and wizard comboand do mass wizard attack in clash royale

  9. Second attack you said south west when it was actually south east

  10. wassap godson

  11. Godson you should do a video with molt

  12. "South-west corner" lol

  13. What do you edit with Godson?

  14. lastime I was this early CoC wasn't a game

  15. Godson can you give me a high five? ?

  16. last time I was that early, I sold my gold storage for 1600 elixir

  17. nice

  18. 401 th view

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    Sub= You will become rich by winning lottery
    ignore= An ghost or satanic demon will tie you up in sleep tonight that you wount be able to move.

  20. who's watching the championship finals for champions league


  22. I'm first