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Clash of clans – BEST EVER SPAWNER BASE!!! (Xmas Tree Edition!)

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  1. WTF?

  2. guys it takes 120 hours between each xmas tree this year, so anyone claiming they have 3 or more currently (24/12/15) they are lying.

  3. How many cauldrons do you guys have? I have 11

  4. Small loan of a Million elixir please…

  5. godson you get that armor Christmas tree in town hall one to 11 I have one but im in town hall 7

  6. How Origiral. What's up. broken plot % 1!

  7. I only have one Xmas tree,but a few in my clan have 2.
    I also had a cauldron spawn in a 2×2 gap even tho it was covered either side with walls, an looked like nothing could spawn there

  8. shitty audio

  9. I have a YouTube channel and i have 48 subscribers and i do gaming videos so who will subscribe

  10. Han Solo Dies in TFA

  11. Can you cover it with decorations ?

  12. Gemmer

  13. Why are you so bad

  14. Does someone else not have snow in their buildings, not even when you visit others?

  15. Your gold storages are full and your mines are full, you're wasting gold, why don't you just upgrade walls or something?

  16. i have that "armor tree" and I only have a level 7 town hall

  17. +Godson – Clash of Clans our tree from 2015 is at the same Position(sry for bad english)

  18. "Mr queen" lmao I laugh every time

  19. im th 8 and i had a th 10-11 tree…any info

  20. 3:403:45 ILLUMINATI