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Clash of Clans | “BEST FARMING LEAGUE!” | Best League To Farm Loot After Th 11 Update! (2015)

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  1. Sky i did not try yet but you give me faith to go there!Ur awesome man :)

  2. Yeah but the problem is you will keep getting kick off cause no one attacking you thats what happen to me in gold 1 so an i had to go up rn im in masters 1 loot is aright but the loot bunos is awesome im heading to champs need a out 100 more cups :)

  3. Im am an almost maxed th9. Do you think this league would work out for me.

  4. go to crystal II there is good loot i found many times half milion loot

  5. Thanks for this video man it would take me like 20 searches to find a good base

  6. thanks you Very cool im from germany and i found this Video wer nice thanks! :P

  7. As a th9 there still is no loot for me in silver…

    🙂 ILY

  9. Dude is it ok To drop to silver when i am in gold?

  10. well fuck that! i came here cause im in silver 1 and cant find shit!! ?

  11. I still cant find loot down here..

  12. skymikey my friends and me went to less then 200 trophies and omg at the loot i barely got everything maxed. for th 7

  13. mike can I join plz

  14. for th8 it is crap

  15. im at 1100 trophies new th9 and i cant find any loot please help!

  16. u are right

    its work man wow

    so dam amount of loot is thier

    like to the Vid

  17. I get 400k at least each raid plus a good amount of DE

  18. Champs is the best especially with bonus

  19. a lot of loot below 350 it's hard to get there though

  20. Holy shit! Thank you Mikey! I've been riding the struggle bus as a th9 post update. I've been in gold 1 for months and farmed my base and heroes up so quickly but now it's a complete desert. No loot at all. I've been wondering where all the dead bases went to, apparently they're in silver. I'm going to drop right now. Awesome video mate! Couldn't come at a better time too!