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Clash Of Clans | BEST LEAGUE TO GET LOOT AFTER THE UPDATE w/Barch! | Farming After NEW Update 2015

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    Go to silver 1 or 2 for simple barch raids ! You will surley find good loot (200k+ of each ) if you attack around this time of the day ( 11:00 Europe time )
    Go to gold 1 or 2 if you want huge amounts of dark elixer ! The storage will have 2k+ de which you can get by a giant raid or an Archer queen walk !
    Go to Masters 1 or 2 if you would like to have over 500 k of each reasurce in each raid ! You must use Giants backed up by some wizz ettcc…( PROBABLY THE BEST CHOICE )

  2. im a semi rushed th10 where is best for loot?

  3. someone suggest me i m th8 what league should i be

  4. The new update just sucks guys that's all! After so many millions of downloads the dudes inside supercell decide to earn more MONEY yeah and it isn't a joke! So when you can't earn more loot you just spent some gems for boost! But when you will lose all of your gems my friend there will be a message which says pay 5.99 dollars for some gems! just gtfu supercell!

  5. I am th7 and I used to find insane loots in bronze 1 and silver 3…but now there are no more dead bases there…where should I go?

  6. If u are th7-8 there is loot in high gold but not much

  7. f***k off……….I am in gold 2 since last update came, but there is no loot. can any one tell me in which league the loot is????????????

  8. The TH7's and TH8's in my clan are having tons of success in Silver 2 & 3 while the TH9's and 10's are getting massive collector raids in Champions League

  9. Omg Havoc look at the video on my channel it is titled as OMG

  10. kik me @isiahlilzayhill if you want gems

  11. Hey HaVoc – can I send you an original base design made by me to upload to your channel?

  12. Hey Havoc can you make a th8 war base with the song $ave Dat Money by:Lil dicky. plz

  13. I'm townhall 9 and i really like silver league. Silver 1 and 2 is the best. I'm almost maxed in walls (lvl 10 walls) so i know what i'm talking about. Just letting you guys know a good league to farm in

  14. Crystal 3

  15. join my clan its maxcom

  16. I'm a town hall 7 im in silver III and i find 200k and for Dark Elixer i go to silver II and go for town hall 8's wth full drills

  17. "So in case you've been living under a rock…" – HaVoc Gaming XD

  18. Since we got one gem boost, u guys should attack tomorrow to find the big game

  19. i really find no elixer i m dry out for several days dark i can find but elixer i cant

  20. Lol i was th. 7 found 1,500,000 gold 750,000 elixir and 7,500 de

  21. Im a th8 in gold2 and for me theres no loot ?

  22. i cant find any loot and in gold and silvet

  23. I use bag and find tons of loot in silver 2

  24. dude making videos like this now everyone will goto gold 2

  25. im at silver 1 with th9 and Get around 1 Mio each hour

  26. when the update first came out i was getting 500k of each every time in silver now i cant find shit

  27. Hey guys, wanted to let u guys know that masters 3 and 2 is good for farming. The loot bonus really is helpful for gaining profits