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Clash Of Clans – Best New Townhall 11 ANTI 2 STAR War + Trophy/Push Base With Eagle Artillery

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  1. Can I ask you Something? What Do You Record With?

  2. Nice Thnx Really Appreciated!

  3. remember me I'm from twitter Damien hart89


  5. Can u show some replays?

  6. I used what is basically the th10 version when I was th10. One problem. Visually it looks like the core is anti-queen and she cant shoot at the town hall from outside the core. Thing is, there are 2 spots, at the "junctions" between hero altars and inferno compartments where if she stands right next to the wall in the corner she CAN. IE – 9 o clock de drill and 6 o clock elixir storage. I found it out the hard way sadly. Also, wouldnt lavaloon or golems fron top right/bottom left path into core with jump over an xbow or eagle?

  7. Can you do a th7 base please

  8. Nice video Canadian. I would rate that base 10/10 maple syrup company when the next strum