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Clash of Clans – “BEST Protected Storages!!” *EPIC* Town hall 8 Farming/Hybrid Base!! (CoC TH8 Farm)

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  1. plz make a protetced storgages for th7 trophy base

  2. I see that now. I am trying this one out!

  3. Wait doesn't the th have loot cause I want protect my loot since I'm always losing a lot

  4. what intro music

  5. How is that TH8?

  6. isnt it a Werk base because its easy to get to the th wich has 30% of your loot?? Im a bit confused

  7. this layout work?

  8. Oh how I wish to hog it

  9. Bruh that faggot artimes coc or something uploaded this base ages ago….

  10. but all people with snipe the townhall

  11. yeahhhhhhhh that's what I'm talking about

  12. OMG this works it's a good loot saving base your the best man keep it up and forget the haters

  13. I'm gonna use this base for a few weeks

  14. Th7 version?

  15. k sorry

  16. Great base eclihpse, keep it up bro!

  17. Can you turn off snow while making bases?

  18. make TH10 bases

  19. Seems alright. Just gonna replace the elixer storages with the gold, since town hall 8 is unbalanced loot-wise.

  20. no dgb

  21. Your base are perfect.
    Next time can you make th8troll bases

  22. whats music ?

  23. Finally th8 hug me

  24. 8.5 farming

  25. Hey, join the clan that's the best in Clash Royale, Free People it's called !!!

  26. What's the name of the intro Song??
    (Not the One durch the build) Heeeelp meee:3

  27. Can you make a th9 base WITHOUT QUEEN + XBOWS?
    Thank you Eclihpse :)<3

  28. 46 th like

  29. Algum Br ai?

  30. The music is drawing out my inner fag in a good way… if that makes sense lol

  31. posso enta no teu cla