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Clash Of Clans – “BEST!” TH10 FARMING BASE 2016! – “HYBRID” CoC BEST TOWN HALL 10 DEFENSE 2016!

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  1. Bro.. You should've sticked to your origins more then clash royale. That's why half of your subs were here for. We rarely get that now

  2. Do a new th11 base Im finally a fully maxed th10 going to 11

  3. Can you make a th8 farming base

  4. Th10 anti 3s base? Please and thanks dad

  5. TH9 base plz

  6. soul food

  7. Song?

  8. what's the intro song called.

  9. LOGIC UP IN HERE!!!!!!!! Love your music logic, up here in canada listening to bobby tarantino mixtape +logicvevo l

  10. Im sorry for the low amount of content guys ?? been out for vaca, be back soon for more videos ?

  11. 7

  12. 5th

  13. 2nd like

  14. FIRST!!! 58 seconds and I am the third view. But who cares. This is the first time I am first on a popular video.

  15. I'm close to first comment

  16. 1st like and comment!