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Clash of Clans | BEST TH10 Farming Base w/ NEW BOMB TOWER | Town Hall 10 Hybrid Base TESTED! [2016]

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  1. Would it work in war??

  2. did you delete a th8 war base video BC I can't find it on your channel

  3. Very good videos so follow your designs have helped me a lot in my time playing Clash of Clans

  4. #Tree

  5. Can you please do a darkelixir base with new update?!

  6. Jaso next can u do a th8 farm base with bomb tower

  7. That 4th attack is exactly what you will see in champs all the time, and it will usually work.

  8. you the best jaso … i like you

  9. can you do a th8 base design with the new defense bomb tower….please

  10. plz make a good layout for town hall level 7

  11. #tree

  12. Jaso good, this guy just makes your videos catch you, here I leave the link so you see him yourself:


  14. #Tree

  15. get your ass making a th 8 war base or im gonna rek u. plz 😉 not trying to be rude. if you need help i can help u

  16. #Tree … ???

  17. #tree

  18. #tree

  19. #tree

  20. #tree

  21. TH8 war pls. ?

  22. #tree great base! I'll try it in a few days, coming back to champion league

  23. Te recomiendo ke La Reyna Y El Rey no esten juntos

  24. #three

  25. Next th 10 war base

  26. #tree

  27. plz I want same for th 8

  28. Thx m8

  29. #three

  30. #tree :v

  31. #tree

  32. attacking from the top its hard not to lose DE, how to protect it better

  33. th7

  34. Great!

  35. Jaso can you make a base similar too this but for a th7?

  36. Th9 trolling your m8

  37. #tree plzz build a town hall 7 home village

  38. #tree

  39. Very cool

  40. nice base

  41. #tree

  42. #tree

  43. ????????

  44. Th 8 New

  45. #tree

  46. th 8 war base, nice vid AgaiN :D

  47. what do u use to record u vids plz tell me and love the video

  48. can u make a th5 farming and trophy base?

  49. #TREE. jaso can you make th9 anti 2 star base?

  50. #Tree