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Clash of Clans – Best TH11 Farming Strategy with HoGiBarch – 4 Million Loot Per Hour TH11 Strategy!

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  1. what the fuck cant u make a vid for th10 farming strategy……..

  2. I love all your vids i just reached th9 and im gonna follow all your guides :)

  3. This is the best I got so much loot

  4. hey ash huge fan do u have any farming strats for th 8

  5. Ash i am always fail to loot dark in center of the base.. I am th 9 with bk 15 and aq 7.. Please show a way to loot dark without any of hero…

  6. Thanks so much like and subscribe :)

  7. Thank's Ash for all your sublime videos , i just want to ask you if you can do a farming tutorial for farmers like me who don't use any spells 🙂 thank's again

  8. I´m a Th10 farmer and used barch for over 10k attacks, but this strategy is way more efficient and makes more fun! Thanks ash <3

  9. ???????

  10. Great youtuber !!! U need moreee supportttt :(

  11. Woah last I check you had 6k Subs, damn almost 30k now

  12. what's the point of using hogs though? Hogs and Giants both target defences…right? 12 hogs = 60 space, and u can use a lot more barbs/archers, which can get more resources? Am I right or am i wrong?

  13. can u make a strategy for h10 dark elixir farming without heroes? my heroes are in up cause i farm de. it's basically normal.

  14. TBH: Ash this strategy helped me even in clan wars was able to 3 star th11 with hoggibarch and m here to give a big thanks bcoz of u i was able to farm all my walls to lvl 10 .. ur great ?

  15. Hi ash can you plz give me a shoutout

  16. When's the next pushing video coming out?

  17. with max lvl heroes anything is possible …

  18. Can u GIve me a Tips for Th9 Farming? Strategy..

  19. Requesting for a video for when there is no warden, I rarely gem

  20. Hi Ash, I notice although your troop composition is quite cheap and very efficient(20 minutes should be enough to build a whole army), you used your spells a lot and your heroes died or badly injured quite often. So you can't really attack every 20 minutes, can you? I'm a TH 11 now and both my king and queen are about to reach max level. I'm trying to find an efficient farming strategy which provide a good protection to my heroes so that they can recover very quickly, or a strategy which doesn't quite rely on archer queen and spells but still relatively cheap. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thx and good luck to you:)

  21. could you do th 7 att s

  22. haii dude i want to join in your clan cant i ?

  23. WTFFF!!!! I'm subbed to both clash with ash youtubers and I thought you were the other one and was wondering why your voice sounded so different lmao

  24. Yes DO A TH8 FARMING strategy please please please also another good video keep up the good work

  25. Hey ash can we use this attack for trophy pushing at th8?