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Clash of Clans | BEST TH6 Farming Base | New Town Hall 6 Defense Base Design [TH6 Base 2016]

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  1. #Th6farm

  2. I want to join youtube jounreal I'm townhall 8

  3. thx jaso for the th 6 base i needed it

  4. can i join YouTube General pls

  5. can I join your clan I am th 7

  6. I love the music!!!!!

  7. #th6farm

  8. #th6farm

  9. Please do a town hall 5 base

  10. #TH6FARM

  11. hey jaso can you do a th7 defense base?

  12. Thanks for the th10 base it works really well

  13. Jason can you make a hybrid th5 base for my phone I'm having trouble making a good base for my phone

  14. #TH6 Farming

  15. #TH6Farm love u

  16. Th9

  17. Your my least favorite youtuber now since u kicked me for NO REASON

  18. I love your vidoes jaso! Keep up the good work bro! We know you can do it! ???

  19. Can u make a th6 war base jaso.
    Reply if u will

  20. can you make a th 8 base plz?