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Clash of Clans – BEST TH7 Farming Base – NEW Three Air Defense Update – (CoC Townhall 7 Hybrid Base)

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  1. Not enough walls and you put down an extra de drill

  2. th9 version?

  3. if you want a th7 war base got to general tony he made one it's supposed to be like anti air since the third ad is there.

  4. fav song from Witty , BTW this base is working good atm I just set on my second account. I'll let you guys know how it goes

  5. Lmao was I the only one waiting for this video? Btw Eclihpse u put 2 dark drill? it's ight tho? Love your base designs❤️

  6. Gr8 base…. Keep it up

  7. Make a th7 war base

  8. Not 2 dark dtilld

  9. Th9 pls!! <3

  10. can you please make one with just one dark elixr pump? We dont have 2 at th7

  11. guys can anyone help me i can't open my clash of clan bcuz i need to update it but i can't bcuz it says my phones not compatable i have an LG someone help me plz…


  13. U put 3 dark elixir pumps ?

  14. u put two dark elixir drills

  15. eclihpse is it possible that you make a anti 3 star warbase for th10 anti goho, golaloon, gowipe and gowiwi

  16. Dude there is 1 drill for th7 not 2 drills

  17. there's an extra dark elixer drill that u added that th7 doesn't have

  18. Join my new clan
    Has a black and white flag.
    I just made it and I'm always active. Free elder. Trying to reach 10-15 players to start war and become an active war clan!

  19. Where is th 8?

  20. Thx eclipse for th th7 base I will try this out

  21. Dude, your thumbnails are on point.

  22. and also thanks for the base build

  23. th7 only has 1 drill

  24. th7 only has 1 drill

  25. Th8 plz

  26. Switch wiz tower with the top ad

  27. Witt Lowry version of this song is way better

  28. better air defnce placement wpuld help alot!

  29. What is the song name?