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Clash of Clans – BEST TH8 3 Star Attack Strategy Guide “Post Update”

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  1. Nice video keep it up ???? ??????

  2. this wouldve been helpful a month ago xD

  3. Mr clasher. do I have to be a th7 max to join cuz I need my walls and dark trops,into I go to th8?

  4. oh and nice vid hope I can now win my war ?

  5. happy new year Mr clasher

  6. yes

  7. Who wants mr clashers line name?

  8. I'll tell my clan about you

  9. Your a great YouTuber keep it up

  10. I say your Chanel on clash of clans

  11. What if i dont have lvl 4 hogs?

  12. I'm famous I'm squirtle xDD

  13. Damn nice strategy needed a strategy to 3 star a max th8 now i can 3 star thx to my favorite youtuber

  14. one more thing sorry when is your next video?

  15. YouTubers never talk to me but you do lol

  16. if you want to join my clan it is the golden fear. and nice video

  17. no,you use goho for taking out anti 3 star bases and triggering djb spots

  18. ty and good attack

  19. I can 3 star a th8 using gowipe and dragloon and govape

  20. thank you! someone finally said that goho is the best for th8! so many people tell me to use drags with 2 lightnings and a quake or to use hogs but no golem. I've stuck to goho all along on my th8 accounts :)

  21. nice video can you make 1 video of

  22. Keep up the good work bro ?

  23. Nice

  24. Hope you all enjoyed this Clash of Clans th8 3 star attack strategy guide! Can we smash 50 likes?! #Clash

  25. but ballion is still better for farming….

  26. great vid.

  27. First! mr Clasher Why didn't u show cake Lmao Also If we win can u do a recap?

  28. Goho has always been the best really! :)