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Clash of Clans – BEST TH8 Anti 3 Star Clan War/War/Defense Base Build

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  1. That's a dragonflower ??? dragonflower a bases obviously don't work well for anything lower than th10 cuz the only reason dragon flowers r good is cuz u have infernos in the middle, no infernos there's just not enough defensive concentration in the center of the base and the fact that this base is symmetrical is even worse

  2. Nice video man:)

  3. Yahh brother. Great channel. insane ammount of vids.

  4. Th8 farming base pls or anti
    Giant base

  5. Can me and my clan have a shout out please

  6. Picture

  7. Nice pitcher

  8. sup

  9. hello mr clasher

  10. Am using this thnx:)

  11. Great design I'm gonna use this

  12. Nice Video, Nice Change Banner Channel Art And Intro;) everything looks perfect

  13. Wow that was a nice town hall 8 base will help for my baby base thanks mr clasher

  14. Hope you clashers enjoyed this TH8 anti 3 star Clan War/War/Defense base build! Can we smash 50 likes?! #ClashofClans

  15. Mr Clasher can you pls put back the old intro song Plss

  16. hey Mr. clasher nice video I'm gonna be trying out the base design because I'm pushing will you wanted to tell you how good the base is ?

  17. nice

  18. cool