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Clash of Clans – BEST TH8 Farming BASE! NEW TH11 December Update – (CoC Town hall 8 Hybrid Base!)

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  1. I'm so sick of this new update, even with this base I'm losing over 500K daily and 2K in DE. It's near impossible to farm loot with out constant raiding during the day which I can't do at work.

  2. I'll try

  3. tried the base within 5 mins got 3 stared by th8

  4. THE TRAPS????????

  5. Does this base works? I'm looking a lot of bases, i saw this and it seems good, anyone say me sure if it works? Thanks.

  6. Th7 base?

  7. Why r the mortars placed so badly??

  8. can anyone suggest me how is this base?

  9. ur so brilliant in making base designs eclihpse, nice job

  10. BEST BASE EVER!!!!!

  11. Awesome base dude!:)

  12. Does this base work good?

  13. who made your side banner for your vids! they look sick

  14. Eclipse tboyt took ur base and called it his

  15. where are the traps…

  16. ^-^

  17. never fail to make a good base :)

  18. Thanks a lot for this base eclipse!! You are awesome!!:)

  19. omg big thank you too you thx

  20. can u make a th 8.5 base?;)