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Clash Of Clans – Best Town hall 7 Trophy Base / Town hall 7 War base ( Town hall 7 trophy )

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  1. Gemed base much? I can’t seem to find ur drill maybe I’m blind

  2. wie der einfach mal kein Bohrer hat xD

  3. Can’t u see it’s simple if u guys can’t see the dark elixer drill mabye he
    didn’t get it yet obviously 

  4. Ur bases are beast 

  5. where is the dark elixir driller ???

  6. it actually

  7. er det en farming base eller en der ikke er en farming base

  8. Looks like a swastika haha

  9. Thanks! Low bunky I love this base layout

  10. говно база меня сразу на 100 вынесли

  11. I couldn’t stop swiping mg screen thinking I was in clash of clans XD. Oh
    and thanks for the base idea I love it.

  12. شكرا لان ماعرف NO ENGLISHبس التصميم اعلاج

  13. U dont hace vídeos …

  14. I it possible to play my base in one corner? so i have only two sides with
    The enemies can not place their troops in the white area next to my
    buildings right?
    Thanks for help :)


  16. gracias por la aldeas y cuando subes mas aldeas

  17. Song please

  18. ??

  19. Where should I put my Dark Elixir Drill?

  20. dark elexir driller?

  21. me parece que las defensas aéreas están un poco afuera!!!

  22. thanks bro

  23. Nice base:)

  24. Thanks man, I hope this helped me. It improved my base anyway, so just
    thanks for the vid ;)

  25. How do u have dark elixer? Don’t u get that at town hall 8????????