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  1. what is the name of the song bro i really love it

  2. TH8 lol

  3. General Tony, you've made a great mistake!!!!!!
    Im at the and Theresa are 3 walls missing…

  4. th8 trophy base

  5. I Love You Tony

  6. Hahaha you are right, this base is just so dumb, it has never been seen before no offence. First of all, the wizards towers are not equally spread throughout the base, secondly the mortars are way towards the outside when they need to be inside the base (most attacks at th8 are barch or garch with random wall breakers, barbs and wizards)
    So in my opinion guys, this is just a trash build. Hope u do better next time General Tony

  7. ?What is the name of the first music plz

  8. Unless some dumb person earthquakes it

  9. can u make a th8 cell base

  10. Base looks amazing now time for me to turn off my phone and see how things go :)

  11. please do a th8 gold farming base

  12. 2:00 Mexican standoff

  13. tony i was asking in the other videos if u could make a th6 farming base and trophies base with air sweeper

  14. Th8 troll AND farming base? Is it possible?

  15. Plz make bases that are gold or elixir protection because I got enough dark elixir to spare

  16. 3:53 is the time for the screen shot guys 🙂 lol

  17. Plz make a th9 version with no archer queen and Xbox plz ?????

  18. Nice video once again tony. ❤

  19. I mean farming base

  20. let's be honest how many times has tony made a video about the best dark elixer farming base? about 100 times right