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  1. Good town hall 7 attack 6 drags 20 MINIONZ 1 balloon and 3 rage

  2. TH8's with 3 lvl6 ad's and max traps isn't as "easy" all of the time.

  3. I find it better to have max hogs in the cc if there is an air sweeper in range of the third air defense. Just replace a heal spell for a rage spell and it should be easy.

  4. This strat is effective but does not always work against ANY kind of base layout… A good anti-three star layout that is specialized in anti-drags can successfully defend against zaps/quake with drags

  5. Ofcourse, you do a vid on town hall 8 when a few days are left on the upgrade to town hall 9…

  6. finally th8 vid!!!! ty ash

  7. for war i use 5 hogs in camps depending on where the air def is ill bring some hogs in cc then i use 1 heal 2 light spells and 1 eq i use heals on hogs to help with that 1 air d use light spells and quake on another air d leaving 1 air d for my drags so i bring a quake

  8. There's a reason you don't do many th8 videos. just keep redoing this video as updates come I use 813 (8drags) I find the same success

  9. I actually use hogs instead of loons in my cc most of the time. It's really effective.

  10. nice work

  11. I'm love you video Ash . I'm wont to see coc about th7 balloon attack war clan :)?1k like

  12. your the best ash !

  13. Nice th 8 strategy. Good call. These guys need it.

  14. nice vid ash!

  15. Great video Ash – between this and hogs you can wreck this about any base. Nice work.

  16. won't need any of these anymore lol I just got to th9 today

  17. 9 dragons only allows for 4 balloons not including cc. if you include cc you get 9.

  18. could try this with a max th7? would you recommend it ash?

  19. glad you turned that stupid intro down lol

  20. Second

  21. First