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  1. I think treasury is still low on capacity.´╗┐

  2. Thank You For Showing Me How To Queen Walk I Got Around 100k Dark In A Couple Of Hours! ???´╗┐

  3. good tips ash´╗┐

  4. Can you do a video on "Best Troops for the CC" because I haven't seen a recent video on that. Thanks Ash Ôś║´ŞĆ´╗┐

  5. Daily Bonus is totally broken Ash!´╗┐

  6. when I have 3-4 mill gold in my storages I'm offering 300000-400000 gold for enemy attackers. that's the almost same amount of loot even i have 6-7mill in my storages. so what's the point of having 2mil somewhere that thay can't steal. ???´╗┐

  7. Getting close to 100k subs good work ash´╗┐

  8. Stay tuned for a couple big announcements on Clash With Ash channel later this week :)´╗┐

  9. Why is your name "Vex Thal"?´╗┐

  10. ash AWESOME video i like those tip you give is awesome keep it up i hope you channel get bigger ^_^ HELLO from OREGON´╗┐

  11. so what happens to war bonus if Treasury is full? you lose it?´╗┐

  12. What do u think of the loot cart, or the item that appears to give back some of the loot after a u get raised? Do u think its a good idea?´╗┐

  13. You should've let someone attack you and see how much they take from the treasury. Nice video though!´╗┐

  14. Vex Thal? Which Everquest server did you call home?´╗┐

  15. trys and explains the treasury and proceeds to show a shit ass queen walk lmao´╗┐

  16. Thanks Ash for the info! Looking forward to utilizing this new tool to upgrade my xbows to level 3!´╗┐

  17. best youtuber to explain it so far. I like the bank idea you expressed´╗┐

  18. but I am only on gold league I was n master thoe´╗┐

  19. I would like to know if I can join your clan I am a strong th9´╗┐

  20. hey ash how come you dont have a face cam its would be awsome´╗┐

  21. Great job ash!´╗┐

  22. village guard is messed up now´╗┐

  23. Great job ash!´╗┐