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  1. I think treasury is still low on capacity.

  2. Thank You For Showing Me How To Queen Walk I Got Around 100k Dark In A Couple Of Hours! ???

  3. good tips ash

  4. Can you do a video on "Best Troops for the CC" because I haven't seen a recent video on that. Thanks Ash ☺️

  5. Daily Bonus is totally broken Ash!

  6. when I have 3-4 mill gold in my storages I'm offering 300000-400000 gold for enemy attackers. that's the almost same amount of loot even i have 6-7mill in my storages. so what's the point of having 2mil somewhere that thay can't steal. ???

  7. Getting close to 100k subs good work ash

  8. Stay tuned for a couple big announcements on Clash With Ash channel later this week :)

  9. Why is your name "Vex Thal"?

  10. ash AWESOME video i like those tip you give is awesome keep it up i hope you channel get bigger ^_^ HELLO from OREGON

  11. so what happens to war bonus if Treasury is full? you lose it?

  12. What do u think of the loot cart, or the item that appears to give back some of the loot after a u get raised? Do u think its a good idea?

  13. You should've let someone attack you and see how much they take from the treasury. Nice video though!

  14. Vex Thal? Which Everquest server did you call home?

  15. trys and explains the treasury and proceeds to show a shit ass queen walk lmao

  16. Thanks Ash for the info! Looking forward to utilizing this new tool to upgrade my xbows to level 3!

  17. best youtuber to explain it so far. I like the bank idea you expressed

  18. but I am only on gold league I was n master thoe

  19. I would like to know if I can join your clan I am a strong th9

  20. hey ash how come you dont have a face cam its would be awsome

  21. Great job ash!

  22. village guard is messed up now

  23. Great job ash!