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Clash of Clans – BIGGEST CLAN WAR FAIL EVER! Back to Back Failed Raids

Clash of Clans Gameplay & Commentary! Do you like Clash of Clans? Yea you do! Since you like Clash of Clans, check out the links below for more! WORLD’S …


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  1. CQOTD: If you could suck your Dick, would you?

  2. @5:17 you might've been cockblocked on getting the 69%, but your loot bonus was 696900 lmaolmao

  3. 5:18 the enemy's king hit the dab

  4. Love billy??????

  5. More trophy pushing

  6. Who else saw the king whipping? LOL

  7. rip

  8. the way you say FUCK in the videos loudly makes me laugh so hard..!!!?

  9. CQOTD:Why do u think the lavahound dose on top of the air defence

  10. chill down everyone fails at some time also you are a good player

  11. Hilarious editing bro, I love it! Great video

  12. please answer it

  13. CQOTD:do you agree that archer queen is a dumb ass

  14. Maybe try a different army that fits the base…

  15. Yay is good

  16. did anyone notice wite's war win bonus on the second attack?

  17. Sup mystic

  18. awesome news on your comment question of the day! I'm interested in hearing more from you on your business half. Message me when you get the chance.

  19. you fail ATTACKS because you don't use enough golems as a th11, try 5 golems a few wiz and witches

  20. …

  21. Hey white so ive ben seeing yoyr videos a lot and your clan is only for good people ik but i was wondering if i could join i am a max th7 and i say i am personally good in war but you can decide that and i just wanted to join your clan

  22. CQOTD: Have you ever got a 99% 1 star?

  23. I used to be a fan

    Now I'm an air conditioner

  24. CQOTD: are u ever gonna quit YouTube?

  25. I love you

  26. Great vid

  27. I attacked a th10 with inforno towers and I'm a th8 and got a 2 star

  28. What's ur real name ?

  29. CQOTD: What would be your reaction if you and all the youtubers made a clan together

  30. CQOTD: What would be your reaction if you and all the youtubers made a clan

  31. Watching this while eating a chick fil a chicken sandwich

  32. CQOTD: what's your biggest accomplishment so far from being a youtuber?

  33. I am a big ASS fan

  34. Also good luck with clash of clans

  35. Dude I visited ur base for the first time and I saw ur base. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  36. CQOTD: Because of those raids do u think yo are turning into #camsucksatattacking ?

  37. CQOTD: When will there be new intro/outro

  38. Stop being so cocky

  39. CQOTD: How often will you do Clash Royal vids? Also you are amazing and good luck on Mystic7 Innovations

  40. cam is better in attacking why he got that #camsucksatattacking


  42. lol

  43. CQOTD: of the day where did the name witelightinghwd come from? btw love ur vids

  44. can I join if clan

  45. You guys attack like shitee…thats why som many war losses

  46. HAI FAM!!

  47. hi brandon