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Clash Of Clans – BOWLER HEALER STRAT!! (Top player strategy!?!)

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  3. Love your vids

  4. Put 4 healers, 26 bowlers, 7 wizzarrs and in cc put a golem for tanking. Use 2 rages, 1 heal, 1 jump and 1 freeze, and spread all bowlers healed by the healers behind the cc golem. Behind your bowlers you must have the warden to use his ability to keep the bowlers alive :)

  5. Last time i was this late donald trump was president

  6. please make better ones

  7. His intros are so lame

  8. You did the strat wrong.. You just cook up a ton of healers say 6, rest Bowlers and rage. You can 3 star anybase.. Maybe you don't want to show how op this strategy is.

  9. Use more healers and more bowlers.. You can take on anybase

  10. No it's not a top strategy. It's obsolete. Hence another reason godson is overrated.

  11. what's the name of that story at the beginning of the video

  12. try to throw all bowlers at one time only

  13. good troops lvl and heroes but noob attack u got there?

  14. u need to use rage.use 2 rage 2 jump 1 freeze.6 healers 3wb 25 bowlers

  15. anyone got any spicy memes for trade ?

  16. He just almost say fu*k up

  17. Do a deadpool intro

  18. ????

  19. ????

  20. I love how he says that the healer ai has been improved in the first attack and then the healers all get stuck on ONE FULL HEALTH bowler thats not even being hit by a defense. Some ai…

  21. ik where you got that Chronicles of Narnia Intro

  22. owowowowowo

  23. godson attack withe
    andthe any trops youwount this my challenge

  24. Lol this new intro?

  25. vc e muito mito godson