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Clash Of Clans – BOWLER ON DEFENSE!! (New update)

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  1. wtf ? this troops is interesting

  2. When is the update out in the uk??

  3. When is the update out in the uk??

  4. The new troop is shit

  5. Ich

  6. Dis video gave me Ebowler

  7. Don't worry guys, we can train a couple of minions to take care of them lol

  8. Россия священная наша держава!

  9. The song at the end tho its by The Fat Rat the music is called unity

  10. Supercell is so behind these bases are 3 months out of date

  11. Supercell is ruining this game I think. My question is… Why PURPLE?! All the other troops that are like people are regular. Why supercell why

  12. When is the update?? I'm getting so Aggetated?

  13. 4:53 look at the goblin hahahahaha

  14. I don't like it

  15. OMG I'm so close to 300 subs could I hit it today ?? lol

  16. Did anyone see the flame on the army camp animation has been changed?

  17. Papa Smurf on Clash of Clans!!!!

  18. hi

  19. How much does a poison do to them

  20. Oh my god the bowler!!

  21. Hi godson yea

  22. hi GODSON

  23. The New Troop
    Who plays With His Balls
    LoOoL ???????

  24. The king and queen have a different look?

  25. so retarded

  26. Boulder throwing Shrekk