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Clash Of Clans – BOWLER vs. 3 HEROES! 3 STAR!! (WiGOBOWLIN Composition)

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  4. Hi

  5. Hey


  7. i was here when it started

  8. hi

  9. Plsz!

  10. Godson can u do a new goblin strategy with the new update

  11. Nice vid godson

  12. GODSON !

  13. I actually want a goblin strategy

  14. I mean Smurfs!

  15. Godson what if we don't have the surfs yet?

  16. I'm stuck in arena four, trying to get to Spell Valley. Could anyone suggest me a deck or give me any tips that will get me out? (I do not have the Witch or Skeleton Army) Help is very appreciated.

  17. can bowlers pick and throw some golems?

  18. love you godson yeah steel the gold

  19. clash of clan rules

  20. im really stupid!


  22. Those healers are ?

  23. Yeeeeeaaaahh, the bowlers are back in Business !!!!!.

  24. i use tham like u but i use some wallbraikers and heal spell

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  26. in 1st atack u can get 2 stars if u put that last wizard behind golems and he maybe destroy town hall

  27. WASSSup awesome video man! How many likes can this comment get?

  28. AWSOME video

  29. That intro made me spit water on my screen XD

  30. epic raid at the end godson mlg as always give me a yeahhhhhhhhh xD

  31. That intro was gold ??

  32. I just started a new war clan looking for strong players, arkham inmates P9VQRRQP

  33. wow, that background music… i can't watch anymore

  34. Has anyone tested this strategy for if it works?

  35. :D