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Clash Of Clans – BOWLER VS GRAND STATUE WARDEN!! 3 STAR WaR! (10th perk pushing)

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  1. hi

  2. When you run two clans xP

  3. one of the thoughts i had for nerfing bowlers is that their second rock smash goes less dmg…like 50% less….becouse you know….they throw a rock it cracks, gets smaller, and the bounce does less dmg

  4. dat intro do

  5. like

  6. godson you can boost your resources for one week for just one gem! !!

  7. if everything is nerf its not fun anymore

  8. For some reason i can't open my coc

  9. Mr king for the win! good stuff godson

  10. The intro sucks

  11. 素晴らしい

  12. Did anyone see town hall 8 2 stars maxed town hall 11

  13. your intros are hilarious

  14. amuna koyum

  15. barların amuda koyum

  16. не

  17. Godson BOOST,BOOST

  18. Godson stop fucking saying stupid shit so super cell don't mess the troops up

  19. I saw the movie on his intro.its an Indian blockbuster

  20. ???

  21. people still play this game

  22. The best way to nerf the bowler is it to be weak to normal trap bombs.

  23. You know who is an awesome person? The first word

  24. Wait Clash Of Clans still exist!

  25. sorry bowler

  26. make the biker only hit one building instead of two or three

  27. this movie scene is from I Movie

  28. What is your clans name

  29. gfys

  30. can i jack u off bruh?

  31. hey Godson welcome back !

  32. كل زق

  33. Godson I joined Troll bros the one that you are in

  34. King mvp

  35. Ahh godson the only youtuber that still does clash of clans

  36. godsom i will come to our clan

  37. Hi

  38. You fucking did win

  39. muito top..hehe ?

  40. Their gonna severely down the power og the second hit

  41. Great scene from the movie "I" in the beginning. such an amazing movie!


  43. 20000 globins level 4 vs 24 tor infernal