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  1. ??????

  2. beaker please do this series once a week

  3. beak where do u get ur accounts that would be awesome if u could tell be bc every time I try to buy accounts I get scammed …I've been scammed for over 300 dollars

  4. Back at it again with the th10 base

  5. Hey beaker I think you should start series Rush gate crush…. And you agree with my comment like it so beaker can start it

  6. I didnt know he had 4 war stars

  7. I usually don't comment on videos but I have to say, I love your videos beak. You have so much energy and you treat your fans with so much respect. Just wanted to show some support. Keep it up buddy ?

  8. I swear bowlers look like gay men to me ?

  9. Anyone tried to move the screen thinking you are playing the game?

  10. and also keep up the goodwork love the videos

  11. beak could you maybe make a base build with the base you have rn i really like it and it fits with mine because im also th 8.5 aka no xbows, thanks:)

  12. Hey Beak

  13. super fun series! one of my favs

  14. I really wanted see some bowlers but ya not those being immortal … kind of …

  15. Guys I'm done with this game the updates are just trash and he game is going down hill in my opinion so imma sell my acc near max th10 for 60$ kik me @ghostnappa545 or message me @(702)764-7631 legit and mature people only please don't waste my time and first come first serve btw i have people help me come up with the price so I say it's good thanks for your time ( PayPal would be preferred )

  16. hey beak its me FLASH from ruthless 50

  17. 2:35 You broke threw the third layer and drop a jump anyways.Genious.

  18. yo beak

  19. Buddies

  20. great vid

  21. Hey yo!
    What's up?

  22. the amount of loot you find is awesome.keep up the work

  23. rushed get crushed was molt!

  24. Hi beaker

  25. Beak's the man!

  26. Base underdeveloped like a prepubescent teen… I don't think he gives 2 shits though.

  27. hey beak awesome video! :)

  28. cool